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Zeit | Time

We help people save time by providing clarity on new technologies. Through our intuition for them, for their goal and for the essentials.

Our mission

As UX-strategists and concept-designers, Cristina and Andrea are the interface for companies to the digital world. With their flair for the essential and a view on the customer’s benefit, they develop solutions and tailor-made concepts that connect the virtual and the real world. We love equal opportunities and want large and small companies to benefit from progress.


Klar | Clear

A good concept is the basis on which all further decisions can be made. The stronger the concept, the easier all further decisions.





Sein | Be

Our flair for capturing the emotions of our clients is one of our special talents. That’s why working 1:1 with our clients is a particularly valuable component.

Our qualities

We love interior design, graphic- and UX design and see ourselves as an interface of the virtual world to the real world, in order to be time clear also in the future.

Concept developement

A strong concept and a good user experience is the most important foundation for every project. It is the guideline that makes decisions easy, the starting point for an implementable roadmap and a story that inspires. This requires social skills such as empathy and the ability to listen well.

User Experience

If an idea is successful based purely on subjective assumptions, it is more likely to be a stroke of luck than a repeatable success story. It makes much more sense to find out what the customer wants and, on the basis of the facts obtained, to design a persona on the basis of which a real customer benefit is created.

Graphic- & Brand Design

Your graphic & brand design reflects you on the outside. Our goal is to create a serious, timeless and recognisable design of the highest quality in all media, which fits the values of your company and presents you to the outside world in the way you want to be perceived, and this is consistently implemented in all our designs, in the UI as well as in the NFT design.

Interior Design

The planning and design of spaces is not limited to the real world. We sketch ideas on the topic of NFT in space, help you with your trade fair presentation, show you ways to transform art into an NFT and are your contact for content creation in the metaverse.


NFTs as an asset or as a marketing tool, are part of a future that starts today.
Soon the use of NFTs will be commonplace. Drawing from the diversity of possible applications and developing new ideas on how NFTs can be used sustainably today and in the future excites us. In doing so, it is important to us to connect NFTs with a real benefit that can be experienced in our physical world.


Emotional marketing through texts that touch and a voice that creates trust make every story special. We make your story audible and tangible for strangers. An auditory address, in addition to text and images, creates experiences on different sensory levels.

Marketing Media

We make you visible. For you, your network, your partners and your customers.
Together with you, we develop concepts for your company that offer you and your customers added value. Marketing media, straight to the point, focused on essential content and addressed to the right people with an emotional appeal, turns target groups into fans.


Our discovery workshop helps you to understand the possibilities of Web3, blockchain technology, NFT and Metaverse and to derive possible applications for your company. Possible obstacles are identified and various project ideas are addressed. The result of the workshop is a basis on which UX research and the elaboration of the project idea can take place.


We at zeitklar-sein are open to cooperation partners with the same values and a corresponding vision in order to shape the future together responsibly and in trust with each other for ourselves and future generations.

Shaping the future together

We shape the future and give people and companies the opportunity to understand the web3 and benefit from the age of digitalisation. In doing so, it is important to us to take responsibility by incorporating ethical and social values in shaping the web3.

We love equal opportunities and want large and small companies to benefit from progress.


Be authentic

A good sustainable concept is created when actions are repeatable and plannable and have an authentic character.lanbar sind und 
einen authentischen Charakter haben.

Our services

Skilfully combining existing elements into a coherent whole is what makes a good strategy with a strong concept. In the virtual as well as in the real world.

Guiding idea | Roadmap | Story

Design Thinking | Persona | Customer Benefit

User Research | Testing | Wireframe

Graphic Design
Redesign | Corporate Design | Visual Language

Interior Design
Metaverse | Content-Creation | Interior Design | Art

Name Creation | Values | Sound Logo & Animation

Design | Usability | User Etic

Media production
Video | Audio

Future education | web3
Online workshops

Story | Visual language | Added value

on Point | empathetic texts | storytelling

target setting | marketing | costs

Project Management
Organisation | Structure | Timing | Team

– Study of –
Visual Communication


As an experienced senior art designer and UX designer, Cristina supports projects in a precise yet playful way to find conceptual and graphic solutions that are timeless and exude a high level of professionalism. She has an intuitive understanding of implementing what the client wants to express.

– Study of –
Business Administration, Architecture & Interior Design


As a UX strategist, Andrea loves to support and design concepts for brilliant ideas and crazy plans where she sees potential. With her motivating and very focused way of thinking, she is a problem solver of the rare kind. Once she has grasped the essence of things, she can sum them up in emotions.

Our working methods

We work with our clients online on a 1:1 co-creation basis.a strong concept. 

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The Era of

Innovation starts now. On the threshold of the decentralised, blockchain-based internet, there is now an opportunity to help shape the internet and perhaps also the society of the future.


Contact us

Telefon: +49 176 637 222 37
E-Mail: kontakt[at]zeitklar-sein.de
Web: zeitklar-sein.de

About us

Zeitklar-sein is a design office under whose name we, Cristina and Andrea, accompany projects in the fields of interior design, graphic design & user experience with strong concepts. To be time clear, we offer the opportunity to develop individual customer loyalty moments of the web3 and thereby actively shape the future.

Our homebase

No matter where you are in the world, you can meet us via Zoom in our virtual creative space.