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Zeit | Time

We help people save time by creating clarity. Through our intuition for them, for their goal and for what is essential.

Our mission

Cristina and Andrea stand as thought leaders, concept-designer & mentors for professional and individual project support of visionary teams. With their flair for the essential, they transform sustainable, future-proof ideas into expressive and memorable projects. Through conceptual and visual representation, these become visible and ready for take-off.


Klar | Clear

A good concept is the basis on which all further decisions can be made. The stronger the concept, the easier all further decisions.





Sein | Be

Our flair for capturing the emotions of our clients is one of our special talents. That’s why working 1:1 with our clients is a particularly valuable component.

Our services

As a think tank for conceptdesign & mentoring, we have decided to actively participate in shaping the future. We design concepts of all kinds, precisely where strong concepts are needed, and make them visible.

Concept & Design

We know what it takes to carry out a project and how one wheel meshes with the other, because we have already accompanied several projects and also carried them out ourselves. That’s why we at ZeitKlar Sein offer more than just concept and design.

A really strong concept is the most important foundation for any project and at the same time the guide that helps out of overwhelm and makes decisions easy. Good design, on the other hand, makes the project visible to the outside world. For you, your network, your partners and your clients. When both components, concept and design, are meaningfully intertwined, the result is expressive communication at the highest level that inspires and engages.

Competences, Numbers, Data and Facts

But to carry out a project seriously and to get from the current starting point to the goal as quickly as possible, it needs more than that. It needs people who become active with enthusiasm and take responsibility for the project, for themselves and for others. People who bring specific competencies to the team so that harmonious cooperation is guaranteed throughout the entire duration of the project. And it needs a network that provides figures, data and facts to ensure the success of the project.

This is exactly why we at ZeitKlar Sein help you to recognise your own competences and to use them in the best possible way. In addition, we open up our international network to you and make sure that you always have the goal in mind during the project journey and that you keep the balance even in a fast start.

Last but not least, a project is usually about fulfilling a lifelong dream. Therefore, the project journey should also be fun. Let’s make your project great and unique together!

Individual Enquiries

Beyond our packages, we see ourselves as a pool of ideas for creative solutions and as a competent partner for idea generation. In addition, we are able to implement a wide range of services in visual communication for professional, timeless design at an international level. Individual enquiries are based on our price list.

Be conceptclear and apply now!

A good concept comes from our intensive work in 1:1. In almost 10 years of working together, we have developed a wonderful way of accompanying people on their journey to make them visible and ready to start with their project.

Our qualities

The skilful combination of existing elements into a coherent whole is what makes a strong concept. 


Change through innovation

We know that there are people who have the courage to change the world. People who have innovative ideas that are important for our earth and future generations. These are precisely the people we support.

– Study of –
Visual Communication


As an experienced senior-art-designer, Cristina supports projects in a precise yet playful way to find conceptual and graphic solutions that are timeless and exude a high level of professionalism. She has an intuitive understanding of what the client wants to express.

– Study of –
Business Administration, Architecture & Interior Design


Andrea loves to support ingenious ideas and crazy plans in which she sees potential and to design concepts for them. With her motivating and very focused way of thinking, she is a problem solver of the rare kind. Once she has grasped the essence of things, she can summarise them wrapped up in emotions.

Contact us

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E-Mail: kontakt[at]zeitklar-sein.de
Web: zeitklar-sein.de

About us

ZeitKlar-Sein is an association founded in 2022 by Cristina Bifsas and Andrea Scholten, under whose name they provide professional and individual support to visionary teams. They have been self-employed for more than 30 years and have already very successfully implemented several projects together in the past. To find the core message of each project, they accompany their clients intensively on their project journey.

Our homebase

No matter where you are in the world, you can meet us via Zoom in our virtual creative space.